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Marek Kwiek designing an Heinnovate tool: “Entrepreneurial Universities” for the European Commission and OECD

Marek Kwiek was a contracted expert in the project Entrepreneurial Universities – A Guiding Framework Project, for Technopolis, and funded by the European Commission DG EAC, February 2012 – October 2012 in partnership with the OECD. The project led to the launch of the HEInnovate tool.

HEInnovate is intended for Higher Education Institutions (Universities, University Colleges, Polytechnics etc) which are interested in assessing themselves against a number of statements of self-reflection related to the entrepreneurial nature of their higher education environment. HEInnovate covers seven areas of self reflection:

  • Leadership and Governance
  • Organisational Capacity, People and Incentives
  • Entrepreneurship development in teaching and learning
  • Pathways for entrepreneurs
  • HEI – business/external relationships for knowledge exchange
  • The Entrepreneurial HEI as an internationalised institution
  • Measuring the impact of the Entrepreneurial HEI

Under each of the seven areas, statements have been designed and individuals can assign a score for each statement from 0-5. This is not a benchmarking tool. It can be used by individuals or by groups of stakeholders assigned by the system to a HEI group. The group function enables stakeholders in Higher Education Institutions to come together and compare their assessments internally, and also compare against previous assessments.

The HEInnovate tool was designed by a group of 7 experts, including Marek Kwiek, with the Technopolis.