Center for Public Policy Studies

Kwiek a 2007-2008 Fulbright “New Century Scholar” under D. Bruce Johnstone

Professor Marek Kwiek has become a global Fulbright “New Century Scholar” 2007-2008 (“Higher Education in the 21st Century”), to work on the project “Inhibitors to Equity of Access to Higher Education in the European Transition Countries” at Poznan University and Stanford University (USA).

“Each year approximately 30 outstanding scholars and practitioners from the U.S. and abroad will be selected as New Century Scholars to participate in the program through an open competition. Of the thirty, approximately one-third will be U.S. citizens while the remaining two thirds will be visiting scholars from countries with an operational Fulbright Scholar Program. NCS will provide a platform for scholars from the US and around the world to engage in debate and dialogue based on multidisciplinary research and to develop new global models for understanding the social context within which nations and communities shape their responses to the many challenges of the 21st century.”