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Marek Kwiek at Bergische Universität, Germany: an IZWT Kolloquium invited lecture on “High Research Productivity and High Academic Incomes across European Universities”

Professor Marek Kwiek was at Bergische Universität, Wuppertal, Germany, to have an IZWT Kolloquium invited lecture (January 17, 2017): ”Top Performers” and ”Top Earners” across European Universities: High Research Productivity and High Academic Incomes Explored.  See an official flyer here.

The Interdisciplinary Centre for Science and Technology Studies (IZWT) at Wuppertal University has been founded in 2004. It fosters close collaboration between history and philosophy of science as well as science studies. The main goal is to open up new avenues for interdisciplinary research with a focus on the development and structure of science and technology. The IZWT encourages interdisciplinary activities between the humanities, the social sciences, the sciences, mathematics and technology. By organising joint colloquia, lecture series and international workshops the IZWT promotes the dialogue between different cultures of knowledge and disciplines.