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Marek Kwiek in Stanford-Elsevier Ranking of Top 2% Top-cited Researchers in the Word (October 2024)

The Elsevier and University of Stanford data name Marek Kwiek among the top 2% of most highly cited scientists in the world.

Marek Kwiek is also the most highly cited scientist from Adam Mickiewicz University in 2022 (discipline: Education), as he was in 2021.

Prof. Kwiek najbardziej cytowanym naukowcem z UAM.

October 2023 data-update for “Updated science-wide author databases of standardized citation indicators” is here: link.

The ranking was compiled by Stanford University in collaboration with Elsevier.

The ranking is a comprehensive assessment of the scientific achievements of scientists from around the world according to the bibliometric index (the so-called C-score), taking into account e.g. the number of independent citations, the Hirsch index, and the author’s place and role among co-authors. The ranking prepared for 2022 included 726 researchers from Poland.