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Professor Kwiek becomes an Editorial Board Member of “European Journal of Higher Education”

The European Journal of Higher Education (EJHE) aims to offer comprehensive coverage of theoretical and methodological approaches to the study of higher education, analyses of European and national higher education reforms and processes, and comparative studies of higher education within Europe (i.e. the European Higher Education Area) or elsewhere compared to Europe. Building on the successful legacy of its predecessor, Higher Education in Europe, EJHE is establishing itself as one of the flagship journals in the study of higher education and specifically in study of European higher education.

In addition to original articles, EJHE publishes a Debate Section and a Book Reviews Section. The Journal invites proposals for the Debate Section, which comprises two or three brief articles taking contrary or complementary standpoints on a common – topical or controversial – issue. The contributions are expected to be based on rigorous social science research, thus applying theoretical knowledge to a recent phenomenon and or providing fresh empirical support for their claims. The Journal also invites contributions to the Book Review Section, which is featured in each volume and welcomes suggestions for recently published books to be considered for review in EJHE. Proposals are invited also for special issues, which are featured in two special issue volumes every year.