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Professor Kwiek in “Zeitschrift für Pädagogik” on the “Internationalization of the Polish Academic Profession”

Professor Marek Kwiek published a paper “The Internationalization of the Polish Academic Profession. A comparative European approach” in Zeitschrift für Pädagogik.


The internationalization of the Polish academic profession is studied quantitatively in a comparative European context. A micro-level (individual) approach relying on primary data collected in a consistent, internationally comparable format is used (N = 17211 cases). The individual academic is the unit of analysis, rather than a national higher education system or an individual institution. Our study shows that research productivity of Polish academics (consistent with European patterns) is strongly correlated with international collaboration: the average productivity of Polish academics involved in international collaboration (“internationalists”) is consistently higher than that of Polish “locals” in all academic fields. Polish academics are less internationalized in research than the European average but the research productivity of Polish “internationalists” is much higher than that of Polish “locals”. The impact of international collaboration on average productivity is much higher in Poland than in the other European countries studied, a finding with important policy implications.