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Emanuel Kulczycki presented results of scientometrics study during the ENRESSH meeting in Lisbon

During the meeting of the European Network for the Research Evaluation in the Social Sciences and Humanities in Lisbon (March 8-9 2018) , Emanuel Kulczycki – as the leading author – presented the results which show that the use of language and publication types are influenced by each country’s cultural and historic heritage.

Authors of the study published in Scientometrics collected data on all peer-reviewed publications and specifically for the disciplines of economics and business, law, and philosophy and theology for the Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Flanders (Belgium), Norway, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia. No previous study has brought together data from such a wide range of comprehensive coverage national bibliographic databases.

With data on 272,376 peer-reviewed publications from the period of 2011–2014 analyzed, the study provides unique insight into the difference in publication patterns between and within fields. The authors observe that the publication patterns are stable and quite similar in West European and Nordic countries, whereas in Central and Eastern European countries the publication patterns demonstrate considerable changes. In all countries, the share of journal articles and the share of publications in English is on the rise.

The study shows that publication patterns differ both across fields (e.g. law differs from economics and business in the same way in Flanders and Finland) and across countries (e.g. publication patterns for law in the Czech Republic differ from those for law in Finland).