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Kwiek in Bellagio Rockefeller Conference Center in Bellagio, Italy – with Philip G. Altbach’s research team!

Marek Kwiek took part in an international conference finalizing Philip G. Altbach project on the academic profession.

He had a presentation about “The Polish Academic Professio”, subsequently published in “Higher Education” (Vol. 43, pp. 455-476, 2003). The paper can be downloaded here.

Also in: Philip G. Altbach (ed.), The Decline of the Guru: The Academic Profession in Developing and Middle-Income Countries, Boston College, CIHE, 2002, pp. 281-305. Here.

Translated into Spanish in El Ocaso del guru, ed. Manuel Gil Anton, Mexico City: Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana, 2004, pp.371-400). Here.