Center for Public Policy Studies

Lukasz Szymula participated in CWTS Scientometrics Summer School 2022 at Leiden University (June 2022)

Doctoral students in scientometrics often have various disciplinary backgrounds. As such, it is sometimes difficult to get a coherent overview of scientometrics. The CWTS Scientometrics Summer School is intended to address this. Participants are introduced to methods and techniques that use scientometric data sources, for instance the metadata of scholarly publications. The summer school covers general quantitative methods, including causal inference, network analysis, text analysis and visualization, as well as scientometric methods such as citation analysis and co-authorship analysis. Major scientometric data sources, including Crossref, Dimensions, Scopus and Web of Science, are discussed, including their strengths and limitations. Dimensions will make available their data to participants through Google BigQuery, while Scopus data will be made available by the ICSR lab. The summer school turns theoretical ideas into hands-on research by engaging participants with data interactively. Visualization of science plays an important role in the course, with a special focus on the VOSviewer software.

The summer school will be highly relevant to students pursuing a doctoral degree in scientometrics, but also to doctoral students from other fields who want to use scientometric methods in their research. The summer school takes an interactive format and engages students in practical exercise on datacollection, analysis and visualization. There will be ample room for bringing your own perspective and questions to the summer school. Dedicated time will be available for student presentations and feedback from lecturers and peers.

The CWTS Scientometrics Summer School is unique in its exclusive focus on doctoral students and other (junior) researchers. Other summer schools and courses in scientometrics, offered both at CWTS and elsewhere, address a mixed audience consisting of both researchers and practitioners. By focusing exclusively on doctoral students and (junior) researchers, the CWTS Scientometrics Summer School is able to provide scientometric education with a strong emphasis on fundamental scientific problems in the field of scientometrics.