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Marek Kwiek joins an Oxford University / HSE research project on Contributions of Higher Education coordinated by Simon Marginson (2018-2021)

Marek Kwiek a new research project coordinated by Simon Marginson of Oxford University and co-funded by HSE (Higher School of Economics, Moscow).

The project is about „Contributions of Higher Education” (CHE) and will run for three years (2018-2021).

The initial project meeting led to the list of the following core researchers in the project (to be followed by a few more):

  • Simon Marginson (UK)
  • Brendan Cantwell (USA)
  • Glen Jones (Canada)
  • Marek Kwiek (Poland)
  • Imanol Ordorika (Mexico)
  • JC Shin (South Korea)
  • Pedro Teixeira (Portugal) 
  • Jussi Valimaa (Finland)
  • Marijk van der Wende (Netherlands)
  • Po Yang (China)
  • Aki Yonezawa (Japan)
  • Daria Platonova (Russia)
  • Isak Froumin (Russia)