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Oficjalna promocja monografii Marka Kwieka zorganizowana przez wydawnictwo Routledge i na dorocznej konferencji SRHE w Celtic Manor: „Changing European Academics” (Routledge 2019)

At the Annual SRHE Conference 2018 in Celtic Manor (December 5, 2018) there was an official Routledge book launch for the most recent book by Marek Kwiek:

Changing European Academics. A Comparative Study of Social Stratification, Work Patterns and Research Productivity’ (London and New York: Routledge 2019, 272 pp.)

It is available in paperback (29.99 GBP), hardcover (110 GBP) and e-book (15 GBP) versions from Routledge website (link here).

An official  preview from Routledge is available in PDF here.


Table of Contents

Series Introduction; Introduction: Changing Career Structures, Award and Recognition Systems, and Work Patterns; Chapter 1. Academic Performance Stratification: Inequality in the Knowledge Production; Chapter 2. Academic Salary Stratification: Productivity and Income; Chapter 3. Academic Power Stratification: Collegiality and University Governance; Chapter 4. International Research Stratification: International Collaboration and Productivity; Chapter 5. Academic Role Stratification: Patterns in Teaching, Research and Productivity across Academic Generations; Chapter 6. Academic Age Stratification: Predictable Careers in Volatile Institutional Environments; Chapter 7. Conclusions and Policy Implications; Statistical Appendices; Bibliography.

A brief description in Polish is  here.


  • Presents a comprehensive, cross-national picture of the changing academic profession in Europe and confronts academics across Europe. Academics from major European systems and beyond can view their own academic trajectories within the mirror of a larger, cross-national story.
  • Discusses new dilemmas inherent to the changing social and economic environments of higher education.
  • Will feed into a range of study programmes within the field of education policy and higher education policy.
  • Relevant at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels and in both in Europe and beyond.
  • Author is highly regarded research and is internationally recognised.


European academics have been at the centre of ongoing higher education reforms, as changes in university governance and funding have led to changes in academic work and life. Discussing the academic profession, and most importantly, its increasing stratification across Europe, Changing European Academics explores the drivers of these changes as well as their current and expected results.

This comparative study of social stratification, work patterns and research productivity:

  • Examines eleven national, higher education systems across Europe (Austria, Finland, Germany, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland and the United Kingdom)
  • Provides a panoramic view of the European academic profession
  • Confronts misconceptions of academic work and life with compelling results and detailed analyses
  • Discusses new dilemmas inherent to the changing social and economic environments of higher education

A thoughtful and comprehensive study of the changing academic profession in Europe, this book will be of interest to higher education practitioners, managers and policy makers, both in Europe and globally. Changing European Academics will benefit anyone whose work relates to changing academic institutions and changing academic careers.