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Krystian Szadkowski at SRHE 2017 International Conference on Research into Higher Education, Celtic Manor, Wales

Krystian Szadkowski took part in the annual conference of SRHE „Higher Education rising to the challenge: Balancing expectations of students, society and stakeholders” at Celtic Manor, Newport, Wales, UK (6-8 December 2017)

The conference was organized by the Society for Research into Higher Education

He had a presentation on The abstract is available here:

„Higher education research is bounded by the all-pervasive power of dualisms. They are rarely questioned despite their proneness to critique and thus distort the research design and prevent the clear understanding of complex higher education reality. The most relevant categorical dualism organising the major part of debates concerning contemporary transformations of higher education – the public/private distinction – is not different in this respect. The paper offers a non-dualistic analytical framework (private/public/common) for understanding the dynamics within glonacal higher education. Its main focus is placed on the public/common distinction. Based on literature review the paper provides systematisation of the use of the concepts of the common, the common goods and the common good vis-à-vis the concepts of the public, the public goods, the public good in higher education. The differences are discussed with reference to concrete examples from higher education reality (at the levels of funding, governance, property relations, benefits).”