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Krystian Szadkowski opublikował artykuł w prestiżowym piśmie „Higher Education”

Krystian Szadkowski published a paper in „Higher Education”

Szadkowski, K. (2018). The common in higher education: a conceptual approach. Higher Education. doi:10.1007/s10734-018-0340-4

This article provides a map of the three-element conceptual set of the common (the common good, the commons, and the common) in reference to higher education. It does so using a method of political ontology. It discusses the three concepts in reference to the six dimensions of higher education reality (ontology, politics, ownership, governance, benefits, and finance). Thus, it not only presents a systematic view of higher education reality as seen through the lenses of the common but also explains the substantial (and in some cases, subtler) differences between the concepts themselves. Moreover, it addresses briefly the differences between the concepts from the order of the common and those from the order of the public. Finally, the article seeks to offer an insight into what this particular conceptual set may provide the researchers in terms of thinking through, and designing an alternative to the current predicament of higher education.

Link to the full paper (Open Access)