Center for Public Policy Studies

Centrum serdecznie wita nowego badacza, dr. Krzysztofa Czarneckiego (w ramach projektu SONATINA, na trzy lata)!

The Center welcomes a new scholar, Dr. Krzysztof Czarnecki!
Dr Krzysztof Czarnecki is an economist and political scientist. His research focuses on higher education finance, educational inequalities and social policy. He is an affiliated researcher at the Swedish Institute for Social Research (Stockholm University).
He is the Principal Investigator of the project „The origins and consequences of student support and tuition fee systems”, 2018-2021, funded by the Polish National Science Centre (SONATINA2, nr 2018/28/C/HS5/00104).
The aim of the project is to examine how politics and ideology influence the adoption of specific solutions in the area of student support and tuition fees in a given country. It will also investigate how different instruments of student finance influence the activity of students on the labour market during the academic year. The issues are analysed from the perspective of comparative social policy.