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Lukasz Szymula uczestniczył w kursie “Interaktywna ocena jakości informacji za pomocą analizy wizualnej” organizowanym przez RISIS i Sapienza – Uniwersytet Rzymski (maj 2022)

The “Methods in Action Series” course “Interactive Assessment of Information Quality through Visual Analytics” was organized by Department of Computer Control, and Management Engineering Antonio Ruberti, Sapienza University of Rome and took place on online platform on 2 May, 5 May and 9 May 2022.

Topic and objective: Dealing with data and information quality, Presenting the most used techniques for assessing Information Quality of Performance Models. The components of the VAE Software include: Correlation Analysis, Map Analysis, Mono dimensional Analysis, Multidimensional Analysis, Autocorrelation Analysis, Feature Importance Analysis, Ratio Analysis, Anomalies checks, Consistency Checks, Time Series Forecasting. Test the Visual Analytics Environment (VAE) Software using real datasets from RISIS