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Marek Kwiek, PI of a new research project: “Polish Scientists 2022 (Scientific Excellence, Research Autonomy and Social Responsibility of Science”) (2022-2024)

Marek Kwiek just received funding as a Principal Investigator in a large research project:

“Polish Scientists 2022” (Scientific Excellence, Research Autonomy and Social Responsibility of Science)”, 24 months.

An enriched survey of 100,000 scientists combined with huge datasets.

After a decade (2010) – an academic profession survey is repeated, with some longitudinal questions.

The specific objectives in the project include, inter alia:

(1) Conducting a unique, large-scale survey of Polish academic profession: „Polish Scientists 2022”, a sample of 100,000 scientists and scholars.

(2) Conducting bibliometric research of the Polish academic profession on a sample of scientists present in 2022 in the global bibliometric databases (about 50,000 scientists) as a supplement to the survey research „Polish Scientists 2022”, preceded by conceptual and methodological preparations, especially concerning the integration of large quantitative databases derived from research of a different nature (surveys and bibliometrics at the micro-level of a single scientist).

(3) Detailed analysis of survey results in terms of selected leading areas.

(4) Detailed analysis of bibliometric results in terms of selected leading issues.

(5) Comparison of survey and bibliometric results: limitations and opportunities for complementary approaches to surveying academic profession.

(6) Comparison of the results of the survey conducted by the same Team in 2010 with the „Polish Scientists 2022” survey and identification of the most important differences between the results before the start of the systemic reforms and after a decade of reforms (longitudinal studies).

The project is funded by the Polish Ministry of Education and Science, within its program “Science for Society”.

Total budget is 0.9 million PLN (about 0.25 million USD).

The partners in the project are Professor Dominik Antonowicz of UMK Torun and Dr. Wojciech Roszka of Poznan University of Economics and Business. And technical assistance will be provided by OPI-PIB (Center for Information Processing) in Warsaw.